About Me

Story First...

Paul Salmons is a Director of Photography with a passion for shooting visually engaging projects.

An artist and technician with every camera and format, Salmons is the leading cinematographer in developing hologram entertainment. Having recently Produced and shot "Roy Orbison In Dreams World Tour 2018" and "Callas in Concert," he has pushed the technology to new heights. 


An expert in framing, lighting and camera movement, Salmons has lensed multiple award-winning shorts, documentaries and features such as: BOB THUNDER, THE LAST SCOUT & BOILING POT 

The aforementioned starring Oscar award winner Louis Gossett Jr, Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner), Keith David (Requiem For a Dream) and Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World).  


Salmons has served as a judge in the 48 hour film festival and has an in depth understanding into what makes a film great.

His skills acquired from both film school and the Air Force, allows him to motivate his crews to achieve a common mission, to serve the story through the lens.